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Review 1 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Broke my tooth today while eating a taco (I know, idk how it happened) and called the office for hours so I could call early Monday morning. It said call this number if its an emergency and I got a call back right away. We discussed what happened and I'll be seen on Monday. I'm sure insurance has a lot to do with this but I typically pay little to nothing whenever I go. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Chase to everyone! I couldn't be happier with my dentist :)

Hygiene rating:

About Hygienist: The ladies working with Dr. Chase are always very polite and friendly. Every time I walk in they are always smiling and address me right away.

I know this doctor: 5+

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Review 2 by Stars: 2.5 on Link
I had previously had all my amalgams taken out by a dentist in another part of the country and needed a filling and went to Dr. Chase. I fold him I did NOT want amalgam fillings and he put one in anyway, and now I am suffering from issues related to that, I believe. Also, he doesn't use digitial xrays but the old fashioned ones that are not as clear as the newer ones. Other than that he is a very nice man and his office staff is very helpful, kind and courteous.

About Front Desk: Very professional, helpful. 5 stars

About Hygienist: Very nice hygienist, professional. 5 stars

I know this doctor: 6 years

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Review 3 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
I cannot express enough just how wonderful Dr chase and staff are.

I know this doctor: 12 years

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Review 4 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Great place. Dr. Chase is approachable and knowledgeable. He plays good music too!

Front desk:

Hygiene rating:

Hygiene time: 45

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Review 5 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Excellent Dentist. Very gentle. Kind demeanor! Would recommend him to others!

I know this doctor: 15+ years

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Review 6 by Stars: 4.5 on Link
Dr. Chase and his staff are the friendliest people in town. They make you feel comfortable and are very professional. Even though the facility is old, it is very clean. They have an excellent assortment of magazines while you are waiting. They have squeezed me in when emergencies come up even though I don't have an appt. Dr. Chase explains the procedures as he goes along and keeps checking to make sure I am doing okay during root canals or replacing fillings. I can't say enough about him. He is the best. My husband and I have never liked a dentist better than Dr. Chase.

About Hygienist: Dr. Chase does his own cleaning and polishing. His assistants do just that - hand him things when he needs them.

I know this doctor: 7

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Review 7 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Doctor Chase is the best. Great facilities, great staff and friendly service.

I know this doctor: 25 Years

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Review 8 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
My entire family goes to Dr Chase. My three boys (6,5,and 3) love him and his assistants. My husband, who hadn't gone to a dentist in 8+ years, will go to Dr. Chase. Dr. Chase and his associates know us by name and work with you with payment plans and file all insurance. My five year old has had a couple of cavities filled and they look wonderful. He recommending using gas so he would not be afraid and would sit still for the procedures. He left un-phased. My children love the waiting area, although there is rarely a wait, and the stickers, toothbrush and toothpaste they receive with each visit. Dr. Chase is truly the best Family dentist in Omaha.
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